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Complete system for towing company

web interface with an app for anywhere access


The towing company will indulge in new possibilities with the PROASSIST system.

Dispatching interventions are automatically imported, you enter your own directly in the field from your mobile phone. Or from a PC in the office.

Check where are your drivers and who goes where. From anywhere. And without papers or rewriting.


The mobile application is intended for drivers, who can then effectively provide the basis for further administrative processing of the intervention.

It is also intended for dispatchers, who already divide the work for drivers and have a general overview of current events.

Field work

All versions of the PROASSIST system include automatic calculations of routes and estimated distance traveled.

For interventions you have from the dispatching centers, we will calculate the route, including the return route.

We're in this together

You have your orders clearly together, accessible from your mobile phone or computer. Including the their processing state. Secure access from anywhere.


Mobile app for effective work

Online overview 24/7/365 | Dispatcher distributes work to drivers | Map view whether the driver has set off, is at the location of the accident or whether he has already loaded and towing | Archive of photos, protocols, orders | Operation statistics | Maps and routes, navigation, calculated returns | Interventions from assistance dispatching centers are imported automatically | Rapid acceleration of invoicing and logoff | And more...


Product history

In 2003, we developed the first version of the PROASSIST product, intended for dispatching of assistance services. This was successfully used by many companies not only in the Czech Republic, but for example in Poland and Latvia. Currently this version is no longer supported.

In 2011, we delivered a version of PROASSIST.NET for the Global Assistance dispatching center, where this relatively extensive and robust application still works today. PROASSIST.NET solves the agendas of records of interventions, suppliers, customers, automatic supplier selection, integration with Google Maps, Cisco integration and much, much more.

We started developing the third generation of the product in 2015. This version is primarily intended for towing services (subcontractors of assistance dispatching centers) and directly addresses agendas related to the serviceability of orders in real time. It includes a mobile application for both drivers and dispatchers.


Option for everybody

We divide our options for large and small companies according to your needs and system usage.


597 kč/month

  • inactive phones are not billed


17 kč/intervention

  • for every intervention

Your frequent questions

We offer several uses. PROASSIST is for towing companies, service companies, craftsmen, heating engineers ... It comprehensively solves agendas from the registration of the order, its processing, selection of the solver / supplier, monitoring the progress, to the final invoicing.
For professionally provided services. For perfect service of the client. To save costs and reduce administrative burdens. To increase turnover and profit. For control and planning.
Tak a look at our pricing and variants of PROASSIST. This includes 30 days of free trial. We offer solutions for smaller companies and sole traders, as well as integration into an enterprise / on-premise environment with the possibility of operating on your own infrastructure.
In the web application, you can expect records of orders, suppliers and customers, your employees, vehicles and other resources, the price lists and invoicing connected to them. The interconnectedness of all these areas is the strength of the whole system.

In addition, PROASSIST includes a mobile application for people in the field, you know where exactly who is, you will see your people on maps. Finding the optimal sources for a specific order is significantly accelerated with this tool.

Information on work reported on orders via the mobile application, as well as distances and routes traveled, is stored in databases. It is then possible to retrospectively check compliance with the expected distance and times and evaluate business vs. private drives. PROASSIST also allows you to display the route on the map, with the option of replaying the transit.
PROASSIST is an online platform. To use it, you will need a working internet connection and a modern browser of the HTML5 Responsive standard (Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari). You can use classic desktop computers, laptops or even tablets.

Another standalone software is the PROASSIST mobile application with support for GPS. The mobile app can be installed on Apple iOS or Google Android devices; both on mobile phones and tablets. For proper operation in "field worker" mode, GPS is expected in the device. A tablet without GPS, with wifi or data card will suffice for order management and a general overview of events and operation. The vision of distributed dispatching is here.

Few words from our clients

“As for applications for towing companies, we had the opportunity to personally try everything that is currently available on the Czech market, and this is clearly the most effective one. With our approximately 50 interventions a day, it means great relief and great facilitation of work for us. In addition, realisation of specific requirements and customizations is more than flexible.”


Pavla Paseková


“Some time ago we started looking for a software that could make our work more effective and simple. After researching the market, we decided on the company Ingeniuma Praha, which developed the application PROASSIST-3. It is a comprehensive system working in real time and dealing with all areas in our field of towing and assistance services. We operatively fine-tune some things according to our requirements directly with Pavel Weiss. I am just a simple user of a PC and mobile phone, but I enjoy working with the application, I can only recommend.”


František Říha


“Well-thought-out dispatching for towing services and rentals. A versatile helper, quickly adapting to market developments. Friendly handling of customer requirements.”


Lukáš Malina


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